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"Lesson Plan on Check Writing"

Designed for the busy teacher.


          Monthly bank statements            Canceled checks  Customizable blank checks 
          New bills to pay             Bank deposits  ATM withdrawals 
          Checkbook registers           Assessment quizzes  Answer keys 


Have you been searching the Internet for 
a lesson plan or exercises to teach
students how to write checks or manage
a simple bank account?


If so, 

Lesson Plan

You do not need to look any further.


My name is Timothy Liptrap, along with
being a college professor, I specialize
in teaching students, how to write
checks and balance checkbooks.


The  lesson plan we wrote has 
been designed so that students
 find it fun, exciting and challenging, 
while  saving teachers countless
hours of prep time.

Great for math lessons also!


"The students loved the program.  I found 
it great!  I could devote my time to 
meaningful dialogue with the students
 instead of preparing the lessons.

Thanks so much for the lessons."
Victoria H., Teacher
Yellow Springs, Ohio



72 page downloadable eBook,
which includes:


A Teacher's Guide

Show's the teacher / parent how to teach
the elements of a check, how to spell out
numbers, how to enter transactions into a
check register, using the practice checks, 
how to pay invoices or bills, and how to 
balance a checkbook.


It also includes 5 practice exercises and their
respective answer sheets.

Sample pages

 Checkbook registers     Customizable blank checks   Monthly bank statements 

See Table of Contents


3 Monthly Exercises 
(In addition to the Teacher's Guide)

When teaching financial issues, I believe 
that it is imperative to teach students
 using real life examples.


I have included in this program, 3 monthly 
exercises that will challenge your student's
math abilities, problem solving techniques
 and money management skills!


To duplicate and test this system in your 
classroom, it would take hours of 
your valuable time. 


Each exercise (or month) builds upon each other.


Each exercise include:

  • Monthly bank statements

  • Canceled checks 

  • Customizable blank checks 

  • New bills to pay  

  • Bank deposits 

  • ATM withdrawals 

  • Checkbook registers  

  • A quiz at the end

  • and  answer keys for the instructors.


Your students will learn:

  • How to Write a Check 

  • Balance a Checkbook 

  • Use a Checkbook Register

  • Understand a Bank Statement

  • Pay Bills on Time

  • Problem Solve for Common Mistakes

  • Learn to Prevent Costly Errors 


Who has bought this book?

Teachers, parents, home school instructors,
banks, prisons, community college instructors,
and senior centers.


What teachers have said
about our book:


"This has been a wonderful resource and
instructional tool and my students have
openly exclaimed that they enjoy it and it is
 FUN!  As an instructor, I am glad to have
 finally found something that actually
teaches the objectives listed in the 

Kelly H., Teacher
Pearl, Mississippi



"The book is so helpful.  I teach ninth grade and feel
 that it is important for students to learn the
importance of  budgeting and check writing. 
These lessons are truly priceless for our future."

Mary S., Teacher
Lewisville, Texas



"How to Write Checks  was a
godsend.  This is my first year teaching Consumer
Economics and we don't have a textbook. 
The product was very well organized
and taught the students better money
management skills."
Maleah I., Teacher
Arco, Idaho



"As an educational professional, it is my role to
encourage  teachers to use hands-on practical
teaching  tools that have practical value in
the real world. I believe the check writing
system materials help focus educators on one
of the basic and essential skills - money 
management - that is actually  being challenged in
 the curriculum because of  standardized testing
 and reduced resources. This material leads to 
better students, better graduates, and 
better citizens."

William S.,  Technology. Education
Fitchburg, Massachusetts



"The product was a blessing in my
economics class.  Not only did they learn,
they actually liked doing it."
Steve E., Teacher
Nashville, Tennessee



"This program is fun to use and easy to understand.
I have recommended this program to this years' 
Student Teachers."

Siri.P., Teacher
Rexburg, Idaho


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60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!


We guarantee that by using How to Write Checks
your children will learn how to: write out checks, 
balance a checkbook, use a checkbook register, code 
an invoice and understand a bank statement in 60 days.


We will refund 100% of your money, if your 
child does not learn the above while using our 
system. To claim our offer, send us three months of 
your child's completed exercises. 


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Check Writing


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More  Information about the lesson:  The complete package is  72 pages
 in length. It has been developed in an Acrobat Reader program (PDF), 
which allows the lesson plan to be read and  printed on both MAC and PCs. 
If you do not have Acrobat Reader, we  will provide you a  free copy.

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